Friday, March 14, 2008

Lose Weight Really Fast

Lose Weight Really Fast

Are you carrying an extra 25 – 40 pounds that you just don’t need? Do you spend your time cooking, cleaning, working, doing laundry and taking care of your kids? Me too.

I’m 39 years old and have 2 kids that I love and adore. My body went through a lot to bring them into the world – including adding on extra pounds. I have always thought that the weight gain from having children is the hardest weight to lose. It just won’t go away! I had actually made progress after my first child, but after my second child…. The weight just hangs around. Sure, getting into the gym is a good idea, but I have a hard time getting there. Just getting into the gym 2 times a week is a real accomplishment for me.

So the problem remains - I need to shed pounds fast. How do I lose the weight? There is always some diet program out there…. Low carb, low sugar, high protein, green tea – which is the right plan?

Now, I’m not out to look like Barbie or a model you see on TV. I just want to be the right weight for my height. There is a healthy body weight I should be at – and I’m not at it. I could stand to lose a good 30 pounds – honestly.

I went to my high school reunion about a year and a half ago and I was so much heavier than people remembered me. It was depressing and embarrassing quite frankly. I was kind-of sorry I went. I tried to increase my exercise before the reunion in an attempt to lose weight really fast, but I didn’t lose any weight.

Now, to complicate things and make it even more difficult to shed pounds fast – I can’t just go on a crash diet. My body is very sensitive to blood sugar levels. Too much or too little and I not only get headaches, but go spiraling into a migraine. It is not pretty. I have to eat every few hours or I get totally out of whack.

So what does eating more often do? Helps you gain weight of course! It certainly does not help you shed pounds fast. Not being able to eat sugary items does tend to make me eat healthier – so that is a plus. But the fact remains – I am consuming more calories than I am burning. I have not been on a course to lose weight really fast.

So I am 39 years old, carrying around extra weight from giving birth to my children, working constantly, and having no time to myself to work out and help me to shed pounds fast or even semi-fast. What can I do? My husband loves me. But I’m sure he wonders what happened to that cute petite person that he married.

There is hope. I’ve heard about another approach to weight loss. Maybe the key to my weight loss lies here: lose weight really fast

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